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You ask: What is the difference? The dials are different because they have different textures and colors. This is due to the fact that meteorites consist of different rock materials, which superheat as they enter Earth's atmosphere and then age naturally.

mido replica has created variant dials to complement the compositional differences. The lunar meteorite dial has the date and time displayed on a brown counter with a textured, gradated texture. It also features blued hands. This results in enhancing the Moon's presence on the complex, cratered mix of stones from the lunar meteorite display.

Only two mido replica Arceau La Lune dials with Martian meteorite are available worldwide.

The Martian Meteorite model is moss-green (you would think it was red or brown but no), and the alligator strap matches the dials, which are white as porcelain, highlighting the negative space on the dial.mido replica Black Sahara is the most discrete of all, with a look that's almost basalt in appearance. It emphasizes the monochromatic nature of the watch.

The Black Sahara model costs USD 54,100 and the Lunar Meteorite model costs USD 43,000. Martian meteorite is not priced yet.

Arceau L'Heure de la Lune

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

mido replica H1837 self-winding movement: hours, minutes, date; double-moonphase; 45-hour reserve

Case Study

Case in 18K white Gold; Southern Moon dial with Pegasus transfer designed by Dimitry Rychltchenko. Also available in Black Sahara Meteorite (30 pieces), Martian meteorite (2 piece) and Lunar meteorite (36 pieces).Breitling Replica Water resistant up to 30m.


Alligator leather band with dial matching color.