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tissot replica also presents a new artistic model called the Cheval Cosmique. This is based on a horse in the archive of the brand. The silhouette was taken from Emile tissot replica private collection and developed by Gianpaolo pagni, who combined it with graphic flowing line. The drawing is hand-engraved in relief before being combined with a dial made of aventurine, mother-of pearl and enamel.

The tissot replica Arceau Cheval Cosmique in aventurine dial.

Each dial is handcrafted over a period of a week. An engraver first carefully carves out the waves and horses on thin gold plates. Hand-engraved waves are coated with lacquer to enhance their vibrancy.omega replica These are then placed on a gold plate before the aventurine or enamel and mother of pearl is added to the dial.

Each dial takes nearly a full week to carve by hand.

To apply the relief motifs on the dial, you will need patience and steady hands.

The watch is available in 24 limited editions. The aventurine version has a white gold case that gives the regal horse riding on the waves an almost mythical appearance, as if the horse was Sleipnir. Odin rode this horse.

tissot replica Arceau Cosmique with enamel and mother-of pearl dial.

The enamel dial and mother-of pearl model is housed in a white gold case Fake Cartier watches with diamonds. It's designed so that the horse looks like it's running around the dial on a sort of track. tissot replica is the only brand that can come up with a clever way to incorporate art into the display. Models start at USD 54,500.